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Sword of Honour

The winner for the Sword of Honour 21688 OCdt Dayangku Nurhayatul Filzah binti Pengiran Damit, holds a Master in Clinical Neuroscience and Degree in Audiology from King's College London, united Kingdom. Dayangku Nurhayatul Filzah is a person with strict personality full with initiative in any task given. She has high leadership spirit, positive attitude and strong team work throughout the training. She shows her maturity, thoroughness, easy to share opinion with in any discussion and she can provide brilliant ideas in producing high quality work. This Officer cadet achieve excellent overall results in generic term that consists of military skill, academic test and leadership assessment. In academic assessment and her military skill, she proudly holds the top result in all of the theory and practical tests. Hence, officers and instructors in the Officer Cadet School, Royal Brunei Armed Forces, unanimously chose 21688 OCdt Dayangku Nurhayatul Filzah binti Pengiran Damit as the receiver of Sword of Honour.

Best Academic Award

The winner for the best academic award is 19596 OCdt (L) Muhammad Hamizan bin Jalil. His qualification is Masters in Environmental Forestry from the University of Wales, Bangor University .He also achieve excellent and consistent results academically. According to the overall accumulative results, he got 74 percent in average of which was a great achievement. 19596 OCdt (L) Muhammad Hamizan bin Jalil shows his intellectual ability, observation and the ability to think critically and meticulously. He is also a very responsible person and has good management in his task.

Best Military Skill

The winner of best military award is 15696 OCdt Awang Muhammad Sharimi bin Ahmad. His highest qualification is Highest National Diploma in communication engineering and computing system from Institute Technology of Brunei Darussalam. He was a graduate from Boys Wing Company of intake 24, Penanjong Garrison training institute, Royal Brunei Armed Forcesand before this he worked for 8 years in a workshop in Bolkiah, Royal Brunei Land Force as electronic technician. He also have good leadership quality. He became an example for the officer cadets of intake 6 especially from military skill, leadership and physical strength. Along with that, he possessed strict attitude and he can holds responsibility well, easy to work with and can be trusted with any tasks.

Best Physical Training Award

The winner for best overall physical fitness is 19606 OCdt (L) Awang Abdul Azim bin Haji Abdul Rahman. His highest qualification is Highest National Diploma in Civil Engineering from The Institute Of Technology Brunei. He achieved consistent and progressive result in Basic Fitness Test which was under 09:00 minutes and got grade A in CPFA. OCdt (L) Awang Abdul Azim bin Haji Abdul Rahman shows improvement in physical strength progressively where he recorded 8 minutes and 35 seconds as the fastest time of the whole intake 6.