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Sword of Honour

The Sword of Honour Award for the Intake 5 is Awarded to 19491 OCdt (U) Awang Muhammad Adib bin Haji Hashim. He holds a Master's Degree in Sport and Health Fitness Therapy from the University of Kent, United Kingdom. OCdt (U) Awang Muhammad Adib bin Haji Hashim was an Officer Cadet who has displayed discipline, maturity and commitment in training. He achieved overall excellence in all tests during the training. This Officer Cadet is firm, determined and have a positive attitude from the beginning to the end of the training. Having team spirit, versatile and can do a good job of any task given, these are positive qualities in himself that should be emulated by all Officer Cadets. As such, the officers and instructors of OCS Royal Brunei Armed Forces chose 19491 Officer Cadet (U) Awang Muhammad Adib bin Haji Hashim as the recipient of the Sword of Honour Award.

Best Academic Award

Best Academic Award winner was 19 488 Officer Cadet (U) Awang Haji Sawal Emad Hamdi. He holds a Bachelor of Science Major in Geology from the University of Queensland, Australia. He's consistent and excellent results in all tests that include overall academic essay writing, presentations and extensive knowledge in current affairs issues. Based on the highest cumulative percentage, he earned first place with 84 percent overall points for academic subjects, which is a very impressive achievement. Officer Cadet (U) Awang Emad Hamdi exhibit intellectual observation and the ability to think critically, sharp, creatively and has a high level of concentration in lessons, as well as able to generate ideas.

Best Military Skill Award

Best Military Skills Award winner is 21631 Officer Cadet (L) Hj Dayang Sa'adatul Hayah Mat Yassin. His highest approval is Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Bath, United Kingdom. Officer Cadet (L) Maiden Sa'adatul Hayah get excellent results overall in all subjects based on military skills that cumulative percentage of 83.3 percent. Officer Cadet is a high spirited during training and have a strong personality and diligent in whatever assignment. Can perform all the tasks assigned to the good and motivated and a member who always work together in a team.

Best Physical Training Award

Award Winners Best in Physical Training Endurance is 19 498 Officer Cadet (L) Sahrany Eddy Emran bin holds Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Department of Institut Teknologi Brunei. Officer Cadet is a person's ability to have an excellent physical endurance and a very good swimmer. A person who does not give up easily and have a positive attitude throughout the course of the run. He showed the best performance on a consistent basis with the Physical Endurance Test by acquiring time 08 minutes and 38 seconds.