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Sword Of Honour

The Sword of Honour Award for the Intake 17 is awarded to 52525 OCdt Muhammad Hidayatullah Sunazul Fikar bin Suip. He holds a Special Degree Hafaz Al-Quran from University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali and Bachelor Takhassus Al-Quran and Al-Qiraat from the Ma'ahad Qiraat Al-Quran Al-Azhar. Ocdt Muhammad Hidayatullah Sunazul Fikar bin Suip was an Officer Cadet who has the highest achievements in basic military training, academic, physical and in all aspects of training. As such, the officers and instructors of OCS Royal Brunei Armed Forces chose 52525 OCdt Muhammad Hidayatullah Sunazul Fikar bin Suip as the recipient of the Sword of Honour Award.

Best Academic Award

The Best Academic Award is 52528 Midshipman Mohd Syafi'ie bin Othman RBN, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience from the University of Brunei Darussalam. He received the award based on the overall progressive academic results throughout the course.

Best Military Award Skill

The Best Military Skills Award was granted to 52527 Midshipman Muhd Hamizan bin Haji Zaini RBN who holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Material Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom who is also the recipient of the RBAF Scholarship in 2014. The conferment of this award is based on his excellent achievements in all areas of military skills.

Best Physical Training Award

The Best in Physical Training award was presented to 17956 Officer Cadet (U) Mohd Zulhaffiz Zarriq bin Ranee, who holds a Higher National Diploma in Computing and Systems, Laksamana College of Business, Brunei Darussalam. He is also a graduate of the School of Soldier Recruitment Company 28th Training Institute of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. He is a person who does not give up easily and have a positive attitude during the training course. He recorded the fastest time of 2.4km for 08 minutes 24 seconds. The award recognises the excellent performance of the officer cadet in physical training.