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Sword Of Honour
The Sword of Honour Award winner, 18433 OCdt Amirul Adini bin Haji Amir Abas, holds an MSc Material Science and Engineering, Imperial College London.OCdt Amirul Adini is very dedicated in training and performing all the tasks entrusted to him. His qualities of honesty, integrity, and timeliness are key factors towards achieving this.This Officer Cadet often get good results overall from the Generic Term until the end of this training. He has strong will, determination and regularly self-reflects to improve himself. Therefore, the officers and instructors have chosen OCdt Amirul Adini as fit and proper to receive the Sword of Honour Award.

Best Physical Training Award

The Best Physical Training Award winner is 50843 OCdt (L) Haji Mohd Syahmi Fakhurullah bin Haji Mohammad Is'srah. His highest qualification is Bachelor of Management from University Tun Abdul Razak. His strong will and attitude of never giving up have driven him to continue to strive towards giving his best every time during the training and the physical fitness tests. He also has strong physical and mental robustness which allowed him to withstand any challenge in the training at Officer Cadet School.

Best Academic Award

Best academic Award recipients is 50841 OCdt (U) Mohammad Alli Farid bin Ibrahim. He holds an MSc in Energy Studies from University Brunei Darussalam. He exhibited an intellectual, observation and ability to think critically and carefully. He is not only a proactive, even able to perform academic tasks with a very good level. He has obtained consistent results and excel in all academic tests which includes essay writing, presentations, and have extensive knowledge in security issues and current affairs.

Best Military Award Skill

The Best Military Skill winner is 50842 OCdt Mohammad Ros Azmi bin Roslan. His highest qualification is BA Business with Finance from Northumbria University. He is an optimistic person and is committed in carrying out any task given. He is also a risk-taker who strongly believes in his own abilities. He also has high spirit and positivity during the training and thus making him out to be an example for his peers.