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Sword of Honour

The Sword of Honour winner is 50382 OCdt (L) Mohammad Aiezuddin bin Julaini, has a qualification of BSc Psychological Studies from University of Glasgow. OCdt (L) Mohammad Aiezuddin bin Julaini has strong discipline and charisma in partaking in the training and tasks entrusted to him. His quality of timeliness is the core factor in his continuous development and steady progress in obtaining achievements in every aspect of the training. This includes achievements in academic, military skill, physical fitness as well as officer's qualities that plays an important role in equipping the self as a military officer with calibre and vision. This OCdt has consistently achieved excellent results since the Generic Term to the end of the course. He has a strong will and determination to keep progressing and self-reflects from time to time. Thus the officers and instructors of Officer Cadet School have chosen OCdt (L) Mohammad Aiezuddin bin Julaini as worthy of the Sword of Honour Award.

Best Academic Award

The Best Academic Award winner is 21730 OCdt (U) Umi Kalthsum binti Haji Ramli. She has a qualification of BSc Education (Major in Chemistry) from University Brunei Darussalam. She has displayed strong intellectual ability, observation and analytical thinking that are critical and thorough. She also has showed a consistently admirable achievement in essay writing and verbal presentation.

Best Military Skill Award

The Best Military Skill Award winner is 21723 OCdt Afifah Hasanah binti Haji Ali Hassan. Her highest qualification is BSc Pharmaceutical Studies from University of Bath. From the Generic Term to the Special-to-Service Term, she has proven her capabilities in adapting the theoretical lessons to practice with excellence and to the standards required. Additionally, she has a positive and committed attitude in carrying out the tasks given to her, producing quality work efficiently.

Best Physical Training Award

The Best Physical Training Award winner is 50378 OCdt Iqbal Arqam bin Haji Abdul Rahman. His highest qualification is BA Syariah and Law, Major in Fiqh and Usul from University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali. His strong will and attitude of never giving up have driven him to continue to strive towards giving his best every time during the training and the physical fitness tests. He also has strong physical and mental robustness which allowed him to withstand any challenge in the training at Officer Cadet School.